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Millcreek 2014 Christmas  gift project "Forest of Seattle"


Client: Tokyu Homes

Art Direction and Design: Ami Kobayashi

Illustration: Ami Kobayashi

Candle: Le Ciel  candle

Agency / Planning: Daily Sports Annai Advertising

A special original Christmas gift sent to the owner who purchased the house from the imported house maker "Millcreek".

Using dried flowers such as Annabel, a plant in Seattle, the home of Millcreek, I made a soy candle with the image of "Seattle Forest".

For this candle, we have developed an original wood-based scent that makes you feel the breath of the earth and the forest.

With gratitude to the owner on the Christmas card.

An  original Christmas gift for the  owner who bought the house from  "Millcreek".
Created a soy candle that imitates the "Forest of Seattle" with
  dried flowers of  plants such as Annabelle hydrangea  of Seattle  which which  is the home of Millcreek.
This woody scent makes you feel the presence of earth and forest.

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