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2021 OSAKI REUSE Project | Branding

Client : Mukumoto Sekkei

Partner : Adobe Japan, Patagonia Osaki shop

Photo : Manaya Sakaguchi (Keta Tamamura Photo studio)

Art Direction and Design : Ami Kobayashi

#Adobe Creative Residency Community Fund

"もったいないからはじめよう"をスローガンに、地球にやさしい環境づくりと地域コミュニティについて考えるエコプロジェクト、OSAKI REUSE。



OSAKI REUSE is an eco-project that considers the creation of an earth-friendly environment and local communities under the slogan "Let's start with waste."

Branding is about what purpose and what we can do through this project.
I redesigned the project logo, establishing a new key visual, and made total graphics to announce the project launch.

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