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Millcreek 2015 Christmas  gift "Street  of Seattle "


Client: Tokyu Homes

Art Direction and Design: Ami Kobayashi

Candle: candle studio Daikanyama

Agency / Planning: Daily Sports Annai Advertising

A special original Christmas gift sent to the owner who purchased the house from the imported house maker "Millcreek".

Following last year's "Forest of Seattle" Seattle Forest, the second "Street of Seattle" is the city of Seattle.

I made colorful soy candles with the image of many houses and their lights that color the city. Eight colors and five triangular pyramid candles represent the city's buildings.

This time as well, we have developed an original scent based on sandalwood for this candle. With city lights and Christmas cards .

An original Christmas gift for the owner who bought the house from  "Millcreek", the 2nd.

Designed 5 types of colorful soy candles. This  triangle symbolizes a house or a building. 

I magine the lights of a town  lighting the darkness of a winter night when candles  are lit side by side.

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